Our Service

Car Crash Line offers a complete service to individuals who have been involved in non fault car accidents. We provide a complete package of services to assist with every aspect of your claim.

As soon as possible, we will:

Give you a decision on providing a hire car
If your claim is accepted, provide a hire vehicle, and
Arrange for a lawyer to contact you if you have incurred a personal injury.

As soon as your claim has been accepted we will provide you with a hire car (if your vehicle is unroadworthy due to the accident) and arrange for an insurance approved assessor to assess the damage to your vehicle. After the damage has been assessed we can arrange for your car to be repaired by one of our approved body shops, or a repairer of your choice. In the event your vehicle is unroadworthy we can arrange for recovery and storage of the vehicle until the damage has been assessed. If your vehicle is assessed as a “write off” we can arrange the disposal of your vehicle. We will then negotiate settlement of your claim with the at fault driver or their insurer.

If there is a dispute as to liability we are able to advise you as to your options.

Also, if you or your passengers have received any injuries, we can arrange for a lawyer from our panel of lawyers to assess and advise you on a personal injury claim and compensation.